attempt number two at blogging...

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my new hat bitches!!!

i can see that you’re online, and so am i, but i’m not going to make the first move..

Mind = Fucked.


Milano Sun - Already Gone by Felix Swensson and Milano Sun (Submitted by fanders, thanks!)

Music video for Swedish indie pop act Milano Suns first release Already Gone. Directed and produced by Felix Swensson and Milano Sun. Starring Linda Molin and Ludwig Palmell.

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i had a good dream last night.. was kinda random, but it had a stranger who made me shoplift, champagne slush puppies, and some friends i haven’t seen for years.. i’d quite like to go back to that place…

Would you care for a jelly baby?


Would you care for a jelly baby?


Try one! They’re rather good!

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